General Services Administration

SSA Build out • Torrington, CT

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: General Services Administration
Contract Number: GS-01P-14-BZ-C-0025
Period of Performance: 10/14-05/15
Contract Type: Bid
Contract Value: $602,821.00
Final Contract Price: $663,306.00

List of Major Subcontractors:
Jeff Steil Electric
Interior Concepts
Jules Gourdeau, Inc.

Brief History of Work:

The project included all design, demolition and build-out of approximately 5000 SF of office space. located on the First Floor of the SSA Trust Fund Building.

Project Highlights:

This Project was bid as a turnkey order. CMGC provided all materials and labor necessary to provide a completely finished project, including design build services. Design required construction drawings with minimal specifications. The goal was to construct a safe and secure barrier wall system as outlined in the Customer’s drawings.