SAA Barrier Wall Reno at Giaimo Federal Building • New Haven, CT

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: GSA/BPS
Contract Number: GS-01-P-17-NL-C-0009
Period of Performance: 02/17-07-17
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price
Contract Value: $940,509.00
Final Contract Price: $ 998,267.24

List of Major Subcontractors:
SMS Services Inc.
Bartone Communications Security
CGM Acoustics, Inc.
BT Tile & Carpet Company

Brief History of Work:

• This project consisted of an interior renovation of the 4th Floor of the Robert N. Giaimo Federal Building in downtown New Haven Ct. The 177,325 sf building houses about sixteen different federal agencies, including the US Postal Service. This work was part of a phased renovation of the interior and exterior of the building.
• Removed ceilings, floors, walls, asbestos tile, lighting, plumbing, doors and frames, HVAC diffusers, and asbestos tile. Sprinkler heads were relocated, and new heads were added. A new breakroom with kitchen was designed and built and included a folding partition. A new access control system was also installed.