FMH ASR Tower Rise • Falmouth, MA

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: Federal Aviation Administration
Contract Number: DTFAEN-15-D-00003 -Task Order Number 005
Period of Performance: 10/15-10/16
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price
Contract Value: $476,682.00
Final Contract Price: $478,750.00

List of Major Subcontractors:
Tower & Wireless Construction Co.
D.M.H. Electric, Inc.
W.M. Painting, Inc.
Multi-Weld Services, Inc.
Engineered Construction Services, Inc.

Brief History of Work:
• Removal and relocation of existing tower, and erection of government-
provided tower.

Project Highlights:
• This work involved temporarily relocating a 17-foot tower section and ASR-8 radar sail to an alternate location, then demolition of existing tower pads, support foundations, sidewalk and stairs. The area demo’ d was re-graded and excavated for new footings, and the 77- foot replacement tower was erected. The radar sail and pedestal were then re- installed atop the newly erected tower. New conduit was then provided to the tower.