Design/Build SAA Trust Building Renovation • Fall River, MA

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: General Services Administration
Contract Number: GS-01P-16NL-C-7001
Period of Performance: 02/16-06/16
Contract Type: FFP
Contract Value: $1,356,896.00
Final Contract Price: $1,536,674.18

List of Major Subcontractors:
Precision Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Pacific Drywall, LLC
Bartone Communications

Brief History of Work:
Design-Build services to completely renovate approx. 8,000 sf of interior space to better accommodate offices, and to upgrade facilities.

Project Highlights:
• The project involved asbestos remediation, then complete demolition of existing walls, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, electrical and HVAC venting, and data cables. A new layout was designed.
• On the exterior, the existing stone retaining wall was demolished, and a new system was added.