Boiler Plant Replacement at the ARTCC • Nashua, NH

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: Federal Aviation Administration, Eastern Service Area
Contract Number: DTFAEN-14-C-00095
Period of Performance: 01/14-07/15
Contract Type: Firm fixed price
Contract Value: $ 819,796.00
Final Contract Price: $869,628.00

List of Major Subcontractors:
RTH Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
DMH Electric, Inc.
SMS Services, Inc.

Brief History of Work:
• Replacement of three natural gas boilers, hot water pumps & motors, and unused steam plant.

Project Highlights:
• Removed the concrete pads from beneath the removed boilers and patched the floor. The servicing pumps, the air separator and tank, and all debris was also removed.
• New boilers were installed with updated piping, electrical wiring and controls. All piping was insulated, the new boilers were started