2D BIO Construction Project• Reston, VA

Project Details


Name of Contracting Activity that awarded contract: USGS- National Acquisition Branch
Contract Number: G15PC00062
Period of Performance: 09/15-05/16
Contract Type: FFP
Contract Value: $2,115,700.00
Final Contract Price: $2,168,549.41

List of Major Subcontractors:
W.E. Bowers
J.W. Frew Electric, LLC
Stafford Systems, Inc.
Catamount Contractors, Inc.

Brief History of Work:
• The USGS 2D Renovations was a multi-phased project in a secured government facility located in Reston, VA. The complexity of the repairs and alterations required the use of several trades to renovate this approximately 24,000 SF occupied building that houses a multitude of agencies in various offices.

Project Highlights:
• Demolition & Environmental Remediation of the 44-year-old interior space
• Containment and Disposal of abated materials in an occupied building.
• Architectural construction using 21st Century building products and practices to promote modernization in an existing facility
• Repair of all mechanical and electrical systems to bring them up-to-date and make them adaptable to energy efficient systems.